Watoto Wetu Tanzania (WWT) former Friends of Don Bosco (FDB) is a local and non – profitable organization and non-governmental founded on June 16th 1998 at Kimara Suka which  was registered under section 11(3) of ACT No.24 of 2004 and attained a certificate of compliance in 2013 . It takes care of orphans, trafficked children, street children, needy, exploited in commercial sex, domestic work, young girls forced marriage, marginalized and most vulnerable children. Our aim is to provide them not only education, but also meeting their emotional, social and material needs.  At this moment there are 109 children being supported by us. Most of the children are staying at our orphanage home while few stay with good Samaritans and closed families.

Currently, the Organization has no enough space to accommodate all of its beneficiaries, therefore we decided to buy a plot of land  at Mazizi – Mazizi  village which is about 39.29 acres which will be sufficient to accommodate more beneficiaries in need, we have succeeded to build  boys dormitory, multipurpose hall, and girls dormitory.



To enable individuals and society take responsibility for the future into their own hands and live independently.



Watoto Wetu Tanzaia is committed to provide relief to orphans and vulnerable children of any race or religious belief through provision of quality education, awareness raising, capacity building and other basic needs in collaboration with governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations, international organizations and individuals