Måned: januar 2016


My name is Zahoro Mwingira, I am 11 years old and I am the young brother of Focus Mwingira, but we don’t have the same mother. She died 2009 and so I and my sister didn’t have any place to go, because the relatives of my mother didn’t care for us and didn’t intend to… Læs mere »

Veronica Daniel

My Name is Veronica Daniel. I’m a girl born in 1992 at Tanga Region, Handeni District, Manundu ward. There were four of us in our family. There was a conflict between our father and mother which ended up in separation of our parents. After separation, our mother was responsible to take care of us. In… Læs mere »


My name is Vaileth Mathew coming from Tabora region. I was born in Nzega district. I lived with my parents. I started primary school at Kitongo primary school and reached in standard three. Two years later I lost my father who died because of a heart attack and one year later my mother also passed… Læs mere »


My name is Selina Fulujensi and my parents are called Michael and Pascazia Fulujensi. I was born in 1997 and I am their only child. When I was three years old, my mum passed away, so I remained with my father. He was totally confused, almost mad. So the people of our neighbourhood took me… Læs mere »

Paschal Moses

My Name is Pascal Moses Fuime I come from Morogoro. There I was born in 1997. We are seven children in my family and I am the fifth born. My mother died in 2006 when I was nine years old and my father died in 2007. That was when I left Morogoro and came to… Læs mere »

Pascal Noel Makama

My name is Pascal Noel Makama. I was born in 1990 in the region known as Rukwa in the district of Sumbawanga. I am the 6th born in a family of eight children. In 1996 my brother Richard died and when I was in standard one in 1998 my mother passed away as well as… Læs mere »

Osbert Kiwone

My name is Osbert Kiwone. I was born 1989 in Morogoro in Kilombero district. I lived with my parents. In 1999 my father died, when we were still young. The death of my father was a shock for everyone, because he died suddenly. After a week the relatives of my father demanded the house for… Læs mere »


My name is Ndulima Sayi. I was born at Bariadi district in Nianga region. My father died when I was still young and my mother was not able to take care of me. So I was living with my grandmother. One day I left home to find a better life, but I found myself on… Læs mere »


My name is Ndahani Mwenda. I was born in 1994 in Dodoma. In 2001 I started to go to Primary school. I finished Primary school in 2008 and 2009 I went to Chikopelo Secondary school. My father couldn’t afford any money for food and education. So I was not longer able to go to school…. Læs mere »


I am Musa Nicholauss. I am 18 years old. I am one of five children, coming from a poor family. The cause, which made me come here, is that my father often was drunk and has beaten my mother. He is the one, who caused the family to separate. 2003 my mother went away from… Læs mere »