Month: January 2016

Musas story

I am Musa Nicholauss. I am 18 years old. I am one of five children, coming from a poor family. The cause, which made me come here, is that my father often was drunk and has beaten my mother. He is the one, who caused the family to separate. 2003 my mother went away from… Read more »

Mathias story

My name is Mathias Batromeo. I was born in 1991 on the 12th of September at Kibondo District. I started primary school in 2000 at Kibondo until I reached standard III, but then my parents passed away and I was thrown out of school. I remained with my two young brothers and my young sister…. Read more »

Kassim S.s story

My name is Kassim S. Mwagila. I was living at Yombo Vituka area Kilakala ward. I was staying with both of my parents. I am the third born child in my family. I was born in 1982 and named Kulwa (the old one among two twins). I started primary school in 1994 but from 1993… Read more »

Joyces story

My Name is Joyce Juma, I am a girl born in 1989 at Singida Region, Iramba district to the village known as Kiriyamvu. In our family we are five children, unfortunately one passed away. We stayed together with our parents, but later on they had many conflicts which ended up in their separation. After this… Read more »

Jennys story

My name is Jenny Maridari I was born in the year 1994 in a Hospital named Lugalo. My fathers name is Mathias and my mothers name is Brandina. In the year 2003 my mother started getting sick, by then I was in standard two. My mother had a swelling in her stomach, so she got… Read more »

Jafaris story

I come from Singida. My tribe is Mang’ati. We were living in the forrest and my father owned a lot of cows. One day he went out with his relatives who killed him and took away all the cows. At that time I was about six years old. My mother went away and left me… Read more »

Irene Hoseas story

My Name is Irene Hosea Kombo. I was born on the 25th December 1992 in Kilimanjaro region (Moshi). I had completed my primary level 2007 at Marangu. My father is called Hosea Lucas Kombo, who is living in Tanga (Handeni). My mother is called Hawa Hussein Mjungu. They are living together in Tanga (Handeni). I… Read more »

Hussenis story

I am called Husseni Abdalah, I was born in 17.10.1987 at Kibaha Mailimoga. I’m one of the twins and we are the only children of our parents. I was just four years old when my father and my mother split up. After all we stayed with my mother at Kibaha. As we reached the age… Read more »

Happys story

My name is Happy Mrope. I was born in Lindi in 1988. I started primary school in 1996 and finished in 2002. And I could continue with secondary school in 2003, this I finished 4 years later. I passed my exams and went on with the Advanced level. But unfortunately my results haven’t been good…. Read more »

Halimas story

My Name is Halima Shabani. I am the child of Lulu Joseph Mwakarobo. I was born on the 25.10.1995 and I finished primary school in 2008. I thank god that I am still alive. My father died when I was young and I lived with my mother ever since. In the radio I heard about… Read more »