With support from Stanbic bank Tanzania, WWT has managed to build two new buildings in which each building consists of two classrooms. One class is currently utilized to offer kindergarten education to 50 children from the village. The second building will be used for the second stage of the nursery school in the year 2021 whereby we expect enroll more children. WWT’s prior plan is to have a primary school , the kindergarten school is an initial stage of our education program intended.

Staff House

Thanks to the good Samaritans and friends of WWT who has donated to build a staff house, a project is still in progress. It is now at the final stage of finishing we expect to start utilizing it at the end of December 2020. The residential premise will be for staff and volunteers of the school.


In order to run the intended school project we need to have enough buildings, The project intend to construct the following buildings;

  • Six classrooms buildings , two classrooms in each building.
  • One library
  • Four dormitories ,two for boys and two for girls.
  • A school
  • School toilets
  • A multipurpose hall which will be used for meals,meetings,entertainments and other necessary gatherings.

All these will be achieved in phases as the project goes on.