Why we need an orphanage home?

We would like to strengthen from and after the establishment of the orphanage and most vulnerable shelter or home due to various reasons such as in Tanzania most of the families within the community do like parental care for most of the families do lack enough skills, training, and awareness programs and thus lead to many families not to be able to handle families together with their children from which make many children live measurable life without knowing their rights as well as responsibilities to neither children no parents thus many children end up living vulnerable life as starting being in the street due to the lack of love, care and close follow up children monitoring and even some children being exploited, trafficked and marginalized due to the lack of enough knowledge and skills.

Therefore, above reasons and others can be very crucial and essential as critical situation in Tanzania for us to establish and strengthening the orphanage and most of vulnerable home.

Why we need our own school and vocation training?

In order to help a child fully we therefore do follow and go parallel with the four pillars of the child right governance, that a child needs to survive, to be protected, to be developed as well as to participate in community development.

So, we as Watoto Wetu Tanzania would real like to imitate and establish a school whereby all children within our school will be to learn very well as the one of the pillar says that a child needs to be developed in his or her talents through learning various subjects as a formal education while in non-formal education a child will be able to learn and get various skills through obtaining different training such as child rights advocacy, good governance, life skills as well as other, so as to be aware on community matters to know on how to be protected, to protect and participate fully in the society in order to survive as well as knowing his or her responsibilities.

Therefore through establishing and initiating school and vocation training will easy or make the work easy towards changing and renewing a child to be a good citizen within the community and in our country at large. By apply our norms, customs and traditional way of living as Tanzania and African culture way of living life.