Rescue , Protect And Develop Vulnerable Children In Tanzania To Reach Their Potential

For the past 22  years, Watoto Wetu Tanzania has improved the lives of more than 500 vulnerable children and orphans in need and impacted more than 300 orphanages in Tanzania.

Our work goes in line with the UN Right of a child, and based on the NATIONAL PLAN OF ACTION TO END VIOLENCE AGAINST  WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN TANZANIA 2017/18 – 2021/22 to give every child the chance to reach their full potential.

Watoto Wetu Tanzania is a local, non-profit and non-governmental charitable organization headquartered in Mazizi,Msata Bagamoyo with another office in Dar Es Salaam, Mbezi Luis. It was founded 16th of June, 1998 by Evans Melkion Tegete. The organization was registered to take care of orphans, street children and marginalized children, Trafficked children and youth, domestic workers, bar maids, girls involved in commercial sex, early forced marriages and drug abusers aiming to provide them not only with good education but also trying to meet their emotional, social and material needs.

We believe in collaboration as we know this work is bigger than any one organization. We are part of a network of nonprofit organizations, Tanzania Child Rights Forum leading the movement to protect child rights in Tanzania.


To enable individuals and society take responsibility for the future into their own hands and live independently.



Watoto Wetu Tanzaia is committed to provide relief to orphans and vulnerable children of any race or religious belief through provision of quality education, awareness raising, capacity building and other basic needs in collaboration with governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations, international organizations and individuals