Watoto Wetu Tanzania (WWT) is an independent registered non-governmental and nonprofit civil society organization based at Mazizi Village, Msata Bagamoyo, United Republic of Tanzania Mainland. WWT prime motto is rescue, protect and develop the deprived and marginalized children and youth of Tanzania. With currently a number of 28 boys and 42 girls beneficiaries. WWT is registered as an independent NGO under NGOs Act with registration number 00001554. The personnel are formed by local staff and foreign volunteers, the budget comes out of different funding sources. It was founded 16th of June, 1998 by Evans melkion Tegete, inspired by his own childhood struggles in which he lived in streets, abused, lost one parent. The organization previously located at Kimara Suka, Dar Es Salaam but the compounds were demolished by Government Road Agency and forced to shift on 17th December 2017 to the mazizi Msata, the new center that started serving few beneficiaries from 2013 with initial premises built. Moreover, WWT has a dropping center for receiving new children and youths located at Mbezi Luis/ Mbezi Luxury at Abdul street Ubungo Municipal Dar Es Salaam. The type of activities undertaken by the organization focuses on three pillars; rescue, protect and develop the deprived and marginalized children and Youth of Tanzania. In which; (a)Rescue; working alongside a local network and Government Social welfare we rescue a child/youth living in unthinkable circumstances. These are children and youth who have no one to care for them and they likely would not survive without the care we provide. The range from Orphans, street children and trafficked children and youth, domestic workers, bar maids, girls involved in commercial sex, early forced marriages and drug abusers. (b) Protect, We provide a holistic set of medical, nutritional, educational and psychosocial services tailored to fit each child's individual needs. For every child, we strive to ensure they receive the attentive, nurturing care they need to grow, thrive and develop fully. (c)Develop, WWT further supports its beneficiaries to have self-dependent by Support to attain formal education from Kindergarten to College, In which currently is in a project of building its own school and entrepreneurship center. And provision of non-formal education such as Life Skills, Child Rights and Entrepreneurship skills through practice via different projects carried at the center.


Non Formal Education, Workshops, Seminars and Campaigns, work camps Volunteer Projects and Programs


working with those most in need, they feed the hungry, help the homeless, and provide a safe place for people in danger. These Tanzanian non-profit organizations may include shelters, soup kitchens and food banks, service or community centres, charities for seniors, children’s charities, organizations which address violence against women, and more. Donations are needed to support charities that help the poor, provide counseling, support children who are trafficked and children marginalized, and more. The essential work of these charities ensures that people in our local communities get the support they need. Find WWT to address the issues close to your heart, and donate today.

About Us

Watoto Wetu Tanzaia is committed to provide relief to orphans and vulnerable children of any race or religious belief through provision of quality education, awareness raising, capacity building and other basic needs in collaboration with governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations, international organizations and individuals


In 1998 was supported from standard five and succeeded to attain his Bachelor studies as an IT, he is working as a Lecturer in one of the government college.
Samwel Charles
In 2003 was received at the orphanage home when she was started pre form one and succeeded to attain her Bachelor studies in 2016 as an Electrical Engineer..
In 2005 was received and started pre-form one and succeeded to attain his Masters studies in Statistics in 2020.
In 2011 was supported from form five and attained his Bachelor studies in Risk Management, and she works a prison officer.
In 2003 was received at the orphanage home when he was in form one, he has succeeded to attain his Masters in 2019 as an IT. He is employed at the moment.
She was supported from 1999-2020 In 1999 she was in pre-form one, so she has succeeded to study and attained a level of Masters, and recently she has been pursuing with her Doctorate studies as a lawyer. Currently is working as a university Lecturer.