Veronicas story

My Name is Veronica Daniel. I’m a girl born in 1992 at Tanga Region, Handeni District, Manundu ward. There were four of us in our family. There was a conflict between our father and mother which ended up in separation of our parents. After separation, our mother was responsible to take care of us. In 2004 our mother died and our grandmother took the responsibility of staying with us. Our grandmother was too old and she couldn’t face all the costs of life. I decided to be employed as a house girl so that I may assist my young sisters and brothers. Despite this situation I managed to complete standard two.

In June 2004 I was taken by one man to Arusha region where I was employed as a house girl. I stayed there for seven months, but slowly his wife became sick. Later on her relatives came and took us to Moshi where we stayed several months, while she was under medical treatment. Before she became sick, they were in some wedding preparations, so they got married in Kilimanjaro Region, but soon after the wedding she passed away.

After the death of my boss I was told that my mother was seriously sick and I was supposed to go back to Tanga. I went there and stayed for a week and my mother also passed away. I stayed there for several weeks and then my aunt took me to Dar es Salaam, so that I may be employed as a house girl. We reached Dar in July 2004 and I worked as a house servant for eight months. Unfortunately I had to quit from that job due to a misunderstanding between me and my boss, specifically after being raped three times at the age of 13 by one of my boss’ relatives, who came into my room during midnight scarring me with a knife. If I would have refused he would have killed me.

So I went back to my aunt. One day my aunt was listening to Radio one, where she heard of Friends of Don Bosco Center where I went and was then registered as one of the orphan children. I am now staying here with a promise of getting school for further studies.

Veronica Daniel