Selinas story

My name is Selina Fulujensi and my parents are called Michael and Pascazia Fulujensi. I was born in 1997 and I am their only child. When I was three years old, my mum passed away, so I remained with my father. He was totally confused, almost mad. So the people of our neighbourhood took me to Kigoma, where my grandparents lived. They cared for me. When my father was cured I was taken back to Dar es Salaam to live with him. But my father had no job and was not able to support me, sometimes we just had one meal per day and also our medical supply was very bad. And to make things worse, my dad forced me to have sexual contact with him and it was very painful. When I was crying during the nights and the neighbours heard it, they asked me the next day what happened, but my father told me not to tell it anyone, so I kept still. But my neighbours were still suspicious and so they called the police. The police took me to Friends of Don Bosco, where I am staying now.

Selina Fulujensi