Our mission of helping the children would not be possible without the work from all the volunteers at the centre.

We are always in need of good Samaritans, who would like to help the children. Therefore if you feel you have the desire and time to spend at our centre, we are more than happy to welcome you into our family. Everything from an afternoon to weeks or months is greatly appreciated.

Everyone working at Watoto Wetu Tanzania is a volunteer of some kind. The teachers are only getting paid from their tuition of students from outside the centre, even the director is finding his income through working as lecturer at different seminars or as a master of ceremony. Furthermore there is also a continuous flow of international volunteers, ranging from weeks to a whole year.

Whatever your qualifications we always have something to do, whether it is teaching, cooking dinner, painting where it’s needed or just talking and playing with the children. It could also be more administrative issues, such as accounting or fundraising.

Words from the international volunteers

I quickly found out that what WWT lacks in physical and financial resources, it makes up for in heart. From day one I have been welcomed into WWT as a fellow sister, no one ever hesitating to share with me. - Stephanie, USA - 2010. Volunteering at Watoto Wetu Tanzania is something that really changed my perspectives on life. The living standards are completely different from what I am used to, however the children seem as content as any other place in the world. It is especially fulfilling to see how children, despite of a horrible past, light up and become joyful and carefree, only through basic means such as food, shelter and most of all the love they are given by their new family at the centre.
- Andreas, Denmark - 2005.
Every day when we arrived at the centre we were greeted and hugged by children. They shouted "teacher, teacher, how are you?" took our hands and led us to the nursery school
- Magdalena, Magdalena and Elisabeth, Austria - 2010.

For further information please contact:


Evans Tegete: Tel: +255 (0) 713 225 267 Email: evancetegete@gmail.com


Andreas Serner: Tlf. (+45) 60 64 81 84 Email: andreasserner@hotmail.com


Laura Melchior: Tel: (+31) 592 612 659 Email: l.melchior@online.nl