As mentioned earlier our organization is completely reliant on donations. Therefore any donations of any size will be received with the outmost gratitude.

To ensure that the organization is as transparent as possible with the least amount of cash at hand, we request that donations for items such as food, clothes and stationary will be given as such. Furthermore we prefer donations for school fees as written cheques to the respective schools.

If you are insecure about your transfer, it is also possible to choose the paypal options below. The money transfer is completely secure. You can either choose a single donation, where you choose a desired amount yourself or you can choose a recurrent donation, where money will be transferred on a monthly basis (paypal charges 3,9% transaction fee).

Recurring Donations

Donation options

Single Donation

With that being said our organisation still needs money for daily usage such as water, medical treatment, bus fare etc. Therefore we are providing you with the option of transferring money directly to our account in the NBC bank, so you are sure that 100 percent of your donation will go towards helping the children at the orphanage:

NBC - Corporate branch, Dar es Salaam
Account name: Friends of Don Bosco
Account no. 011103025145