School system

The structure of the Formal Education and Training System in Tanzania constitutes:

  • 2 years of pre-primary education
  • 7 years of primary education
  • 4 years of Junior Secondary (ordinary Level)
  • 2 years of Senior Secondary (Advanced Level) and
  • up to 3 or more years of Tertiary Education

When the students reach secondary level all lessons are conducted in English. This can be an extremely difficult transition for many students as the following learning process will depend strongly on the language abilities of the individual student.

This means that a student who was once competent in a specific course might fall behind in class as a result of inadequate english skills, and not because of the students lack of ability or interest in the subject.

This is a major concern at our centre, seeing that most of the children do not know any English when they join our centre, and because they also need major attention to the other courses in order to pass primary school final examinations. We therefore try our best to prevent this problem through extra tuition at the centre, which we hope can be optimized even further in the future.