Børnenes baggrunde er forskellige, men meget ofte forfærdende. WWT gør deres bedste for at børnene kan lægge deres baggrund bag sig og leve et godt liv på trods heraf, og skabe nogle mål for en bedre fremtid.

Følgende historier er skrevet af børnene selv om hvordan de kom til centret.


My name is Zahoro Mwingira, I am 11 years old and I am the young brother of Focus Mwingira, but we don’t have the same mother. She died 2009 and so I and my sister didn’t have any place to go, because the relatives of my mother didn’t care for us and didn’t intend to send us to school. We were oppressed by them and had to work very much. Then Focus visited us in Tabora and he saw our bad conditions of living. Due to that he wanted to help us and so he called Brother Evans. Through that I got the possibility to go to Friends of Don Bosco with my brother and my sister is staying with the relatives of Evans.

Zahoro Mwingira

My Name is Veronica Daniel. I’m a girl born in 1992 at Tanga Region, Handeni District, Manundu ward. There were four of us in our family. There was a conflict between our father and mother which ended up in separation of our parents. After separation, our mother was responsible to take care of us. In 2004 our mother died and our grandmother took the responsibility of staying with us. Our grandmother was too old and she couldn’t face all the costs of life. I decided to be employed as a house girl so that I may assist my young sisters and brothers. Despite this situation I managed to complete standard two.

In June 2004 I was taken by one man to Arusha region where I was employed as a house girl. I stayed there for seven months, but slowly his wife became sick. Later on her relatives came and took us to Moshi where we stayed several months, while she was under medical treatment. Before she became sick, they were in some wedding preparations, so they got married in Kilimanjaro Region, but soon after the wedding she passed away.

After the death of my boss I was told that my mother was seriously sick and I was supposed to go back to Tanga. I went there and stayed for a week and my mother also passed away. I stayed there for several weeks and then my aunt took me to Dar es Salaam, so that I may be employed as a house girl. We reached Dar in July 2004 and I worked as a house servant for eight months. Unfortunately I had to quit from that job due to a misunderstanding between me and my boss, specifically after being raped three times at the age of 13 by one of my boss’ relatives, who came into my room during midnight scarring me with a knife. If I would have refused he would have killed me.

So I went back to my aunt. One day my aunt was listening to Radio one, where she heard of Friends of Don Bosco Center where I went and was then registered as one of the orphan children. I am now staying here with a promise of getting school for further studies.

Veronica Daniel

My name is Vaileth Mathew coming from Tabora region. I was born in Nzega district. I lived with my parents. I started primary school at Kitongo primary school and reached in standard three. Two years later I lost my father who died because of a heart attack and one year later my mother also passed away. I was taken by a certain women whose husband was not at home this time, because he had to work. When he came back he wanted his wife to give explanation about me. She told her husband that I was the daughter of her friend who had passed away. Her husband told her I should leave immediately because he was not ready to live in the house with someone else’s child. She gave me the information and asked me, >>Where will you go?< < She advised me to find a job as a house girl. During that time I was still very young to face the challenges linked with that kind of job. Fortunately a friend of this family came to Tabora with the aim of looking for a house girl. I agreed to go to Dar es Salaam with him and work for her getting 15,000=Tzh per month.(less than $15) The following day we started our journey to Dar es Salaam. We arrived at Ubungo bus terminal in the evening. She asked me to wait for her, while she went somewhere. I waited for her until 20:00 pm without seeing her. I knew that I had already been cheated. Then another lady came, who asked me where I was coming from, what my name is and the whereabouts of my parents. I told her that I was new in this city and that I came from Nzega district, in Tabora region and that both, my father and my mother passed away, my father died because of a heart attack and my lovely mother died in an accident. She helped me by sending me to the police where they gave me a letter and told me to bring it to the responsible government office i.e. Community Development. When I reached there, they also gave me a letter which introduced me to the Friends of Don Bosco Orphanage Center where I got help. -- Vaileth Mathew

My name is Selina Fulujensi and my parents are called Michael and Pascazia Fulujensi. I was born in 1997 and I am their only child. When I was three years old, my mum passed away, so I remained with my father. He was totally confused, almost mad. So the people of our neighbourhood took me to Kigoma, where my grandparents lived. They cared for me. When my father was cured I was taken back to Dar es Salaam to live with him. But my father had no job and was not able to support me, sometimes we just had one meal per day and also our medical supply was very bad. And to make things worse, my dad forced me to have sexual contact with him and it was very painful. When I was crying during the nights and the neighbours heard it, they asked me the next day what happened, but my father told me not to tell it anyone, so I kept still. But my neighbours were still suspicious and so they called the police. The police took me to Friends of Don Bosco, where I am staying now.

Selina Fulujensi

My Name is Pascal Moses Fuime I come from Morogoro. There I was born in 1997.

We are seven children in my family and I am the fifth born. My mother died in 2006 when I was nine years old and my father died in 2007. That was when I left Morogoro and came to Dar es Salaam to my sister. But I didn’t know where she was staying exactly.

I arrived in Ubungo and I was taken to the “Dogodogo Center” and stayed there for one month. But after realizing that they would not send me to school I left the center. I went to the “Child in the Sun Center” but also there they couldn’t take me to school and I decided to go back to the streets. I was sleeping at the Ubungo Bus Terminal and spending my day time at Feli (Kigamboni) to search for food.

The job I was doing at Feri was to carry small cargos. One day when I was coming back to Ubungo in the bus (Dala Dala) I had no fare to pay and in the bus I met one man and asked him, if he could pay for me. As I asked him for that favor he started asking me many question concerning my life and I told him everything. Yet he took me to Friends of Don Bosco and now I’m studying standard five.