Paschal Moses

My Name is Pascal Moses Fuime I come from Morogoro. There I was born in 1997.

We are seven children in my family and I am the fifth born. My mother died in 2006 when I was nine years old and my father died in 2007. That was when I left Morogoro and came to Dar es Salaam to my sister. But I didn’t know where she was staying exactly.

I arrived in Ubungo and I was taken to the “Dogodogo Center” and stayed there for one month. But after realizing that they would not send me to school I left the center. I went to the “Child in the Sun Center” but also there they couldn’t take me to school and I decided to go back to the streets. I was sleeping at the Ubungo Bus Terminal and spending my day time at Feli (Kigamboni) to search for food.

The job I was doing at Feri was to carry small cargos. One day when I was coming back to Ubungo in the bus (Dala Dala) I had no fare to pay and in the bus I met one man and asked him, if he could pay for me. As I asked him for that favor he started asking me many question concerning my life and I told him everything. Yet he took me to Friends of Don Bosco and now I’m studying standard five.