Joining the family

How orphans, trafficked and marginalized children are accepted

Unfortunately there is a significant amount of orphans, trafficked and vulnerable children in Tanzania. Furthermore there are a lot of families, who are struggling to make a living. Although we would like to help everyone, we have found it necessary to create some guidelines as to how the children are accepted into our family.

In the centres initial stages we used to gather children through an outreach process. We went to the streets at night, where the homeless children would be more noticeable, and asked them about their situation. We have also found young girls at brothels, and boys in areas near quarries, where they were used as cheap labor. Furthermore we have children who were trafficked from rural areas believing they were being sent to school, yet instead they were used as domestic workers or in sexual business.

In recent years we have received children through local government authorities, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the police ward. In most cases however, orphans and vulnerable children and youth come to us themselves or through a neighbour, guardian or another good samaritan, who has heard of our services.

Currently we have reached our capacity in accepting children, both in terms physical space available at our centre both also considering the struggle of finding donations. There are however special cases we our hearts do not allow us to send a child away.

The children are taken care of from the first day they arrive and are sent to a medical check-up as soon as possible to find out whether they have any diseases, such as HIV. There is however, an investigation period where we try to ensure that the children are telling the truth. This is based on their story, actual behavior and information from the local government.

In case we find that the children have given false information they are reunited with their family.

In order to ensure that we only support children who have lost one or both of their parents and/or are otherwise very vulnerable due to trafficking, poverty or other disabilities, we have imposed the following regulations before they get accepted to receive our help.

The remaining guardian, parent, concerned relative, if any, is required to bring the following documents:


Registration criteria

  1. Death certificate of one or both parents
  2. Confirmation letter from the Local Government Authority
  3. A letter from a remaining parent/guardian to justify his/her disability
  4. A letter from the orphan, if she/he can write
  5. Permission from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare