Pascals story

My name is Pascal Noel Makama. I was born in 1990 in the region known as Rukwa in the district of Sumbawanga. I am the 6th born in a family of eight children.

In 1996 my brother Richard died and when I was in standard one in 1998 my mother passed away as well as my younger sister Monica.

Now life became more difficult since my father decided to marry another woman. In order to avoid these conflicts in the family my father decided to leave home with his new wife. We remained alone helpless from our father. Because of the hardness of life my two sisters, Soola and Rosemerry, got married to avoid their problems. Now we remained four children, who were still living at home, but our elder brother Charles were in school in Dodoma taking his advanced education.

My second brother Geofrey got a temporary employment and also got married. That woman was very cruel and loveless and she was not taking care of us. She was not giving us food, but she gave us only hard work. When we refused to perform this work she punished us a lot. When we informed our brother Geofrey he also beat us. Because there was no one to help us, me and my brother James decided to find jobs in order to get money for buying food and school needs, such as uniform and books.

Now I started selling groundnuts and sugarcane in the streets, while my younger brother James started to keep animals, so we could get money for buying our needs.

At this time my young brother was in standard one and I was in standard five in primary school. In 2002 our father started to suffer from various problems and soon after he also passed away. During this time our older brother Charles was studying at the University of Dar es Salaam, taking Land Engineering.

We informed him of each and everything we faced in our lives with our relatives also. Soon he became sad and lonely and said that he had nothing to help us with, but he would do something else for us. Then he took us to Dar es Salaam to the centre known as Friends of Don Bosco (now Watoto Wetu Tanzania). This was feb. 22th 2003 and at this time I was in standard six and my younger brother was in standard two.

In 2005 when I was in form one at Temboni Secondary School and my brother was in standard four. Then My younger brother started suffering from a heart defect. The centre’s administrators brought him to professional doctors for checking and the result was that he had a big heart and one of the valves in his heart was broken down, so he had to go to India for treatment. But because of poverty and the situation at the centre we failed to send him to India in time, hence he died on Sep. 15th, 2005.

I then remained alone at the centre, but I had my brother, who was continuing with his courses at the University of Dar es Salaam. My brother told me that when he will complete his education he will take me to live with him. After getting his degree he got temporary work of teaching in the Iringa region.

One day he was travelling from Dar es Salaam to Iringa he got in an accident and he died on the spot.
Now I remain alone, helpless from my relatives, but thanks to God I expect to finish my O’ level in October this year under the supervision of WWT.

In a very humble and emotional way I would really like to give my heartly thanks for the donations to my school fees. I really can’t find the richest words to write, but what I promise is to utilize the help by doing well in my last examinations and to ask you to continue to help me in this academic journey. Thank you all. Thank you very much!

Pascal Makama