Osbert Kiwones story

My name is Osbert Kiwone. I was born 1989 in Morogoro in Kilombero district. I lived with my parents. In 1999 my father died, when we were still young. The death of my father was a shock for everyone, because he died suddenly. After a week the relatives of my father demanded the house for themselves. Therefore we were forced to go to live with our grandmother in Ringa.

There I started my Primary school in 2000. Later after three years my mother also passed away in 2003, which was again another shock. In 2005 I completed my Primary school and I was selected to join Form 1 at Secondary school. While in school I tried to find my relatives. Good luck I succeeded to find my aunt, who is a sister of Devotha living in Mbezi, Dar es Salaam. In 2006 I came to Dar es Salaam, at the centre where Devotha was living. Devotha is my sister, who is supported by Friends of Don Bosco. At the centre I met Brother Robert and explained to him my historical background. I was accepted in the centre. I am very thankful that I am allowed to live here. My aim is to study hard and to help younger children, who also have problems.

Osbert Kiwone