Ndulimas story

My name is Ndulima Sayi. I was born at Bariadi district in Nianga region. My father died when I was still young and my mother was not able to take care of me. So I was living with my grandmother. One day I left home to find a better life, but I found myself on the street and very often I was struggling to find any food. Later a friend advised me to go to Mwanza with him. There we met someone, who helped us to go to Dar es Salaam. This was in year 2000. A man from Europe called John, he was very kind and gave us food, rent a house for us and other poor children for 3 years. But then he had to go back to his country and after 3 years there was no one, who was able to pay the rent. From there on every child, who had lived there suffered a lot. One day someone told me about Friends of Don Bosco a centre which helps children in need. So I went there, met Evans Tegete, told him my story and he accepted me to stay there. Now I am living there ever since.

Ndulima Sayi