Ndahanis story

My name is Ndahani Mwenda. I was born in 1994 in Dodoma. In 2001 I started to go to Primary school. I finished Primary school in 2008 and 2009 I went to Chikopelo Secondary school. My father couldn’t afford any money for food and education.

So I was not longer able to go to school. I was thrown out, because my father couldn’t pay the school fees. My parents were separated since 1999 and my mother was living in Dar es Salaam. I moved to her and I joined school here in the centre of Friends of Don Bosco. But my mother became very sick and we had to return to Dodoma. She died in the same year, in 2009. My father was still not able to pay any school fees. For this reason I went back to Friends of Don Bosco and talked to Brother Musa. He told me that they could help me. From this moment on I was a member of this centre. My aim is to study hard and to get a good job one day. I am very thankful to be here, because here I get all my basic needs, especially education and shelter.

Ndahani Mwenda