Mathias story

My name is Mathias Batromeo. I was born in 1991 on the 12th of September at Kibondo District. I started primary school in 2000 at Kibondo until I reached standard III, but then my parents passed away and I was thrown out of school.

I remained with my two young brothers and my young sister. We had to work on a farm, because we had nowhere to go.

I could save a bit of the money we earned and so I decided to go to Dar es Salaam to find a better life. I left my brothers and my sister there and took a train to Morogoro and then a bus to Dar es Salaam. There I stayed at the Bus station in Ubungo for two days and my entire luggage was stolen. Then I was chased away and I took a bus to a church, but I don’t remember where it was. I told my story to a man and he wanted to help me, so he took me here to Friends of Don Bosco. They told me that I have to go to school again, if I wanted to stay. So I started standard VI. I could manage to pass the standard VII examinations and was able to go one with form I in 2008.

Mathias Batromeo