Jennys story

My name is Jenny Maridari I was born in the year 1994 in a Hospital named Lugalo.

My fathers name is Mathias and my mothers name is Brandina. In the year 2003 my mother started getting sick, by then I was in standard two. My mother had a swelling in her stomach, so she got an operation and became completely fine again. After that she started a business selling spices for cooking, it was 2004. On November the same year my mother started getting sick again, she was in the hospital and yet the family decided to take her back from Dar es Salaam to Iringa. Then I started staying with my uncle and my aunt. In 2005 on 30th March my mother died. I was then standard four.

We went to Iringa for the funeral. On November 2005 my father collapsed and died. It means I lost both of my parents in one year. After this I started staying with my aunt. When she got married I went to my uncle again. His wife started to torture me and I was scared to inform my uncle because the house was under the control of her. One day my aunt, who got married, came to visit me at my uncles place. I told her all the things that I have been passing through. My young mother decided to call my grandmother (the mother of my late mother) and my grandmother came to pick me. Though my grandmother came to take me I didn’t go straight to her place. She took me to another relative in Iringa. In 2006 my grandmother heard about the Friends of Don Bosco Center through media which take care of orphan and vulnerable children and she decided to bring me there. I was twelve years old by then.

I started standard five and finished standard seven. Fortunately I passed my standard seven and was selected to join secondary school in the year 2008. Now I am in form two at Mbezi Inn Secondary School and I am staying at the center.

Jenny Maridari