Irene Hoseas story

My Name is Irene Hosea Kombo. I was born on the 25th December 1992 in Kilimanjaro region (Moshi). I had completed my primary level 2007 at Marangu. My father is called Hosea Lucas Kombo, who is living in Tanga (Handeni). My mother is called Hawa Hussein Mjungu.

They are living together in Tanga (Handeni). I am the last born of the six children in the family. I thank God helping me to stay alive up to this moment, because I suffered a lot. There was no hope in my life and I was not sure, if God still loves me. But now I realized that he does. Frankly speaking my parents are very poor and very old, so they can not work or get employment, to support me.

I was taken to Dar es salaam, by my cousin and was promised that I can go to school. But he did not keep his promise. He brought me to a family where I had to work as a house servant. I worked there from 2008 to 2009. The Father of the house wanted me to sleep with him and tried it several times, He tried to convince me with gifts and presents whenever his wife was absent. But I refused every time. When his wife found out what was going on, I was chased away. I did not know where to go, but I remembered a program in radio one, about vulnerable children, which I heard while working as a house-girl. They broadcast an interview with Brother Evans Tegete and he mentioned the contact number and the location of the organization he is leading, called Friends of Don Bosco. So I decided to go there and ask for support. When I reached, I was accepted, after explaining the story of my life and my living situation. And 2009 I started QT program (Qualifying Test of two years secondary school) and up to now I am studying there. Later I want to be a social worker or a lawyer, that I may help others, who are in the same situation I was in.

Irene Hosea Kombo