Hussenis story

I am called Husseni Abdalah, I was born in 17.10.1987 at Kibaha Mailimoga. I’m one of the twins and we are the only children of our parents. I was just four years old when my father and my mother split up. After all we stayed with my mother at Kibaha. As we reached the age of seven our father came and took us to life with him. As we arrived at his home we saw that he is married to another woman and he told us to call her aunt. She was a very kind lady. Initially we were staying with her peacefully until when we reached standard three, at this point she suddenly changed and became very hush on us. Sometimes, when our father wasn’t at home, we had to sleep without food.

If our father was at home she was very kind and took care of us like a real mother. So it was very difficult to tell our father about the circumstances at home but we tried to tell him. When she heard that we told everything to our father the situation changed, now she had really tried to make us more suffer than we had before. Whenever our father came back she kept on telling false stories about us, She told our father that we are very impolite and that we abuse her. These stories made our father very angry and he started to beat us. This reached a point where we demanded to be taken to our mother, he didn’t allow us. He said that he is still alive and he could take care of us. When we reached standard five we received news that our mother was very sick, that she can’t even work. We told our father but he was not shocked and told us that we can only go there when he gets money. On 08.05.2000 our mother became better so she decided to travel to her village in Shinyanga. When she arrived in Shinyanga she became ill again and she died on 25.05.2000. When the news reached us we even told our father and fortunately he paid for the transport to attend at the burial. But we didn’t reached in time and we arrived there when the funeral was already over.

We stayed for one week and on the way back we were very scared that our aunt wouldn’t accept to let us stay longer in her house. She refused making food for us and we must wear the cheapest clothes. Seeing us home made her very upset to the extent that she called us pigs. Once our father opened up his eyes and saw what was going on. He became very angry with her and later they got separated. But this was not all that easy, because he never trusted us until one day when he met his good friend, who explained him about us. So he got to know how much we suffered. He left that women and we stayed with him alone, but she was not staying very far away from us. We continued with our studies although she tried all her best that we fail in life. When she heard that we passed our examination she was not happy at all. I don’t know why she demanded to see and know our index number. But when our results came out in 2002, we were shocked to see that our names didn’t come out. When we followed it we found out that our names appeared somewhere else. So we stayed at home, because our father didn’t have money to follow up on how our names appeared twice. So it seems like we cheated the examination, but in reality we didn’t.

We were lucky again because one day a lady came and told us about a school, which takes and helps orphans children, We were no orphans because we have lost only our mother, so we went there to ask if she would help us. She promised to take us there on Monday next week.

After that we went and told our father about it. Although he was not happy about it, because for him we are no orphans, he accepted it. We started the school at Mbezi. The person, who taught us english was so good. He worked very hard to teach us English but the problem was that he didn’t get paid most of the time. But still he could volunteer to do the job sometimes. But the burden became too big for him that he had to give up.
He also knew a center called Friends of Don Bosco, which brother Evance is leading. He, brother Evance, took us to his center, where we started classes.

Husseni Abdalah