George Peters story

My name is George Peter Mush. I was born in Moivaro village in Arusha region. I am the last born child in a family of three children. My mother passed away when I was 4 years old, so my father had to take care of us. In year 2000 I started primary school at Arusha Testemony Acadamy. Unfortunately I failed the standard VII examinations, so I had to go on in a private school, called Sorenyi Secondary School, in order to continue with my education. But the school fees were very high and my father was not able to pay them, so I got many problems through that. My Sister was working for Friends of Don Bosco, so I got the chance to get support for school fees.

2010 also my father passed away because he had wounds in his throat, which caused his death. After the death of him I lived with my grandmother in Moivaro village, but she was not able to support me with all the things you need for daily life, because she is too old and could just do some gardening. So we at least had a bit food and a very little income, which helped us in the needs of daily life. My two cousins are living at my grandmothers too, and we are getting a bit money from the son of my uncle. But it is still not enough to be able to face all the costs. I got some problems in buying my school equipments. I like studying so much and I want to become a big scientist. My grandmother has still a hard life, because she has to take care for so many. But I thank Friends of Don Bosco (WWT) so much for the support they are giving to me. I hope they will go on with the same heart and may god bless them.

George Peter Mush