Franks story

My name is Frank Casto. I come from Dar es Salaam. My father is called Casto Suwapanga and my mothers name is Edina. I was born in 1993 in a family of six children that contains two boys and four girls. We stayed with both of our parents until 1996 when our father died.

In 1999 I started with the preparation school but I was just for only one year in preparation school, until the year 2000, After that I started with standard one. At that time my mother had different kind of jobs in order to run our daily life. Most of them time she was making and selling alcohol (local).

In August 2000 my mother started suffering from cough, we thought it was due because of  the smoke she used to inhale by making alcohol, we tried to treat her up until October, in November she decided to go to Mbeya to her Mother with one of our sisters so that she can be treated from there. We went home and continued with our life. At that time our brother started working in a garage so that he can help our family.

One day our sister came and told us that our mother is dead and that they have already buried her. We went to Mbeya to see our mother’s grave. When we came back I continued with school, that was standard two. Most of my sisters have already finished standard seven, except two of us me and my sister. At that time my sister completing her primary school I was just standard two, so I continued until I reached standard four. I passed National examinations, but since that time I was in a Slum area of Manzese where most of the children get spoiled at early age and drinking alcohol and smoking Marijuana. When I reached standard five my sister brought me here to Friends of Don Bosco (WWT), so that I am kept away from that type of children and I could continue with my studies. Now I am in standard seven. A big thanks to all brothers and sisters who teaches us. God bless you.

Frank Casto