Focus Kapesas story

My name is Focus Kapesa Mwingira, I was born on the 19th of September 1991. We are 6 children in our family. 2001 my mother passed away because she was very sick and I stayed with my father. 2006 he decided to marry again.

This time our family lived in peace and everything was fine, but then my father got serious chest problems and he also passed away. We stayed with our stepmother for 40 days but she was so sad and she could not stand the loss of her husband, so she died too. I lived with my grandfather but here it was very hard to get the money for the school equipment, like pencils, exercise books and so on. Somehow I was able to pass my Standard VII examinations and I wanted to go to a school where I could have learned everything about carpentry, but I didn’t have the money for the school fees.

I was unable to continue with school, so I decided to find a work that I could pay my basic needs. My father taught me the basic knowledge of carpentry, because he was a carpenter. So I found a work as a carpenter, but I never wanted to be a carpenter, because I wanted to be educated to become a manager or something a like. Due to that I decided to find a place where I could get the support for education, in order to reach my dream. I traveled a lot to find something and in the end I came to Dar es Salaam. I got problems on the way there, because I traveled in the train without having a ticket. I thank God that I came here without getting punishment. At the station I met a woman and I told her everything about my life and my problems and fortunately she brought me directly to Friends of Don Bosco. And now I am very happy and thankful that I am getting education and somehow I get closer and closer to realize my dream.

Focus Kapesa Mwingira