Felistas story

My Name is Felista Constantini I was born in Mwanza at Bugando Hosiptal in the year 1994 on December 25th . My fathers name is Constantin and my mothers name is Doris. We are four children in our family. I am the second born child. Until I was seven years old, we were staying with my parents in Mwanza. In 2003 July my father became sick and he died in October the same year, one month later my mother also died.

After the funeral my relatives decided that each relative should take one child. I was taken by my grandfather and he took me to Dar es Salaam where I was staying in Mbezi. When I reached his home I met my grandmother who was the seventh wife of my grandfather. She wasn’t glad to let me stay in her house and she asked my grandfather if he went for the funeral or to take luggage from there. My grandmother said she couldn’t let me stay while she must take care for her own children. She said I can’t afford to shelter and to accommodate for me. My grandfather forced her to take care of me because nobody else would do it . After such an argument my grandmother slightly accepted.

When it was 2004 I started standard one at Mbezi JUU Primary School. I have been studying up to standard four in 2007 when my grandfather traveled to Arusha and came back with his own daughter from another mother in Arusha. At this point my grandmother rejected completely, even to stay with me. Then my grandfather decided to rent a house, where I was staying with my aunt. In the following year my aunt had to leave to Mwanza for a job employment and I remained alone and nobody took care of me.

I decided to explain the teachers at school my recent situation. One teacher decided to take me to Kinondoni Municipal and the Municipal administration took the action of calling my grandparents and they rejected. So the Municipal decided to send one administrator with me up to my grandfather in Mbezi where we took them and brought them to Municipal. They apologized and promised to take care of me.

When we reached home my grandmother turned to be the same. She rejected completely to stay with me. I took another decision of getting back to Municipal and the Municipal said to take care of me up to when I was finishing standard seven and they would give me a bus ticket fare back to Mwanza. So I started to think about what I was going to do in Mwanza. Then I consulted my teacher and she said that they would let me finish up the school and then she would see how to help me to stay in Dar es Salaam so that I could continue with my studies. Some day when I was at school brother Theo with two volunteers came to visit my school. Later on my school second mistress helped me to get in contact with those people. They just told me to come here to the center and I met Brother Robert and talked about my matters. Then when Brother Evans came he agreed to help me and since then, I have been staying here in the centre.

Felista Constantini