Farajis story

My name is Faraji Ramadhani, I am born in Morogoro Region in the 7th October 1995. Soon after my birth my parents got divorced and I lived with my mother. When I was 4 years old my father died, because he had serious problems with his liver.

The relatives of the side of my father thought that it was my mothers fault that my father died. Due to that they tried to kill her and so she was forced to leave Morogoro and she left me there. I was living with my brother, who was a farmer and could take care of me. When my aunt heard about that, she decided to take me with her to Dar es Salaam. So I was living with her family and because the husband of my aunt had two wives and two children, it was difficult to get the money for busfare, schoolfees, food and similar things. My mother tried to help me to get a bit education when I was forced to stay at home because of the lack of money. She asked my cousin, who was supported by Friends of Don Bosco (WWT), to give me some extra lessons at home. One day he decided to talk to Evans Tegete and he told him my problems. When I was in standard III I was called to come to Friends of Don Bosco, to stay there.

Faraji Ramadhani