Elizabeth Charles’ story

My name is Elizabeth Charles Magina. I was born in the year 1993 on the 29 of March in Morogoro. I am the third born child. I completed Mkwajuni Primary School in 2008. I lived with my parents in a street called Kichangani. When both of my parents died, they left us as orphans.

I have a brother, he is called John Charles and my sister is called Martha Charles, they have both no job. My grandfather, Pastor Samwuel Magina, also died in 1989. My grandmother is very old so she is not able to take care of me.

My grandparents, the parents of my mother, are still alive, but they cannot take care of me. My brother in law took me to Dar es Salaam to go and visit the ministry of social welfare. They directed me to go to a centre called Friends of Don Bosco. Since then, I have been staying at Kimara Suca Friends of Don Bosco.

Elizabeth Charles Magina