Deogratius Js story

My name is Deogratius Joseph Mrema. I was born in Moshi rural area in 1990. My tribe is Chaga people. My parents separated when I was very young.

My mother lived no longer with us. I was raised up by my father and a house girl. I was studying at Arusha.

When I reached standard three my father was send to Dar es Salaam because of his work. He decided to take me to my grandmother. She lived at Moshi village. I was staying at her place until I reached standard five. At this time, my father decided to take me to Dar es Salaam too. So I continued with my education in Dar es Salaam.

At the first day of September my father died in a car accident. After finishing standard seven my uncle took me to his place to help me with my studies. But the life conditions weren’t very good because my uncle had no time taking care of the children. He had to work very hard to earn enough money to pay all the school fees for his own children.

So at the first (WWT) of January in 2005 he decided to send me to a centre called Friends of Don Bosco . Since this time I have been staying in Kimara Suca at the centre Friends of Don Bosco. My wish is to pass my form four exams because I was well prepared for the coming fourth exam. Without Friends of Don Bosco I could not meet my ambition. “Friends of Don Bosco is playing a very important role for my success in my life. I also would like to say thanks to all members and staffs of “Friends of Don Bosco for making my dreams come true.

Deogratius Joseph Mrema