Catherins story

My name is Catherine Richard. I am 14 years old. I was born in a family of 4 children. I am the first born in my family. I have grown up without a father because he rejected me since I was in the womb of my mum. I have grown up by my mother in very hard circumstances, because my mother got no job. So she was trying to find a job that she earn money to raise me.

I started school in 2004 at Uzuri Primary School. After the 6 class I couldn’t go to school anymore because my mother had no longer money to support me. Our lives continued to be very difficult. One day, my mother called me and she told me a story about my childhood. When my mother was pregnant with me, my father wanted to abort me and he told my mother not to disturb.

My mother cried a lot during this time. So she decided to split up with him and to start a small business to earn money. After one month I was born without any problems. My mother returned back home after my birth, my father knew that I was born but he didn’t came to see me. So my mother raised me up on her own without money. I’m very interested in studying because I know that education is the key for the future. I asked god if he can help me to continue studying. I like to be a lawyer in order to stand by those who are helpless and homeless.

Catherine Richard