Aurelia Johns story

My name is Aurelia John Kiwone. I am 15 years old. In my family we are three children, I am the second child. I was born at Tosamaganga, Iringa in 1995. During my early years of my life, my family lived in Morogoro. My father became sick and was transferred to Iringa where he passed away in 1999. From this time I stayed with my grandmother with my elder brother. My youngest brother went back to Morogoro with my mother. It took 6 years till they came back to Iringa and later on returned to Morogoro. Since that time there was no communication. I started primary school in 2001 at Wenda primary school, Iringa and completed in 2008. I decided to make a call to the young sister of my mother and tell her that I have completed my school and she asked me to come to Dar es Salaam where she was living in October, 2008. I started pre-form one course to December, 2008. My elder brother made a call to the young sister of my mother that I had been selected to join Isimila secondary school which takes both day and boarding students.

I was supposed to join the boarding but because of the difficult situation, I decided to remain as day students by hiring a room which was far from the school. I started form I in 2009. The day I went to report to school I had no school fees, therefore I was chased from the school. One day I decided not leave without talking to the Headmaster. I told him the problems I was facing but he could not listen. I decided to change the timetable of going to school to be 10 am. Later on, the headmaster recognized that I was going to school during those hours. Whenever I was in the class, he was coming and chasing me home. I tried to think whether I get married or stop going to school and find a job. I realized that all those decisions were foolishness.
I decided to go the school accountant to tell him my problems which he understood. He gave me three months to pay it. I was happy since even without taking meals, going to school was my interest. It came a time my landlord wanted the rent which I was not able to pay. I told him the situation which he understood and extended the time to two moths I should pay.

I decided start selling firewood which could be found on mountains far from the place I was living. I was using the weekend days for this instead of studying privately as my fellow students were doing. It was normal for me to miss food in the room I was living and run out of pocket money to buy other things necessary. During holiday, I decided to make a call to the young sister of my mother, and tell her the life I was living. She promised to ask the person who was helping her (sponsor) if I could also be helped. I continued believing that one day I could be helped also. She told me I should come to Dar es Salaam. I was received by the Friends of Don Bosco (WWT) where I am still living. They found a new school for me, I am in Form three now. Whenever I remember my past life, it pains me and I break into tears. I thank God for He has helped me to this point. I live a happy life.

Aurelia John Kiwone