Aishas story

My name is Aisha Nassri. I was born in 1992, at the Amana hospital Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania. I am the third child in our family.

I started primary school in 1999 and finished in 2005. After finishing primary school I stayed at home for 1 year and 5 months because my family was to poor to afford paying school fees.  One day my mother met with a certain brother who is working in this centre, Brother Moses, and told her about this matter. He told my mother that there were a lot of children who are facing the same problems and that they were supported by the centre. Furthermore, he told her that the centre would help me if I would be ready to come there. My mother came and gave me this information. I was very happy to get this opportunity and went there for registration. The following day, I came at the centre and the brothers received me with open heart. I was really comforted.

I thank God that I got an opportunity of going to school. It is my prayer that God helps me to do the best in exams. This will also enable me to help my parents and relatives. I also thank all who enabled me to reach here and get education. I thank the Friends of Don Bosco (WWT), all brothers and teachers. May God bless them. I urge them to continue with the same heart of helping the marginalized and orphans.

Aisha Nassari