Mission and vision


Our mission is to provide relief to orphans and vulnerable children and youth regardless of race, culture and religious or spiritual beliefs, by meeting their emotional, social and material needs, and furthermore by enabling them to get an education.


To enable the individuals to take responsibility for their own future through education, which thereby will enable them to be self-sufficient and live independently.

Aims and objectives

  • To demonstrate care and concern for children who are living with or otherwise affected by HIV/AIDS through counseling, legal support and/or other protection of their rights.
  • To improve the centre and hereby the living conditions of the children are currently under our care.
  • To conduct training programs, which involve young men and women in national development activities.
  • To help in the improvement and development of the youth sector in Tanzania.
  • To improve and stimulate national efforts to host and protect orphans and street children.
  • To end public passivity and enable the children to acquire an education.
  • To initiate or participate in programs, seminars and workshops, which address youth in society, especially those affected adversely by their environment.
  • To organize and involve children and youth in leisure programs such as singing, dancing, drama and various sports.
  • To encourage other people and groups to participate in actions to help orphans and vulnerable children.