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Our centre continues to improve and we are able to help more and more children. However, although we have many success stories, we face a lot of challenges as well. The following is a list of tasks we are trying to accomplish in order to maintain and improve our centre.
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Continuous struggles

On average it costs app. Tsh. 650.000 pr. year to take of each of our children including school fees. However the older they get the higher the costs, as school fees rise immensely after reaching secondary level.

School fees

School fees are by far the largest expense the centre has with fees for the secondary students between Tsh. 46.500-166.500 for the students in government schools and between Tsh. 600-900.000 for the students in private schools. University and vocational training students have fees ranging between Tsh. 500-800.000.


We are in constant need of food supplies, with everything from maize flour, rice and beans to vegetables and fruits. The children usually eat ugali and beans everyday and have rice on Sundays. Fortunately many neighbours and visitors come to our centre with food, and at times we also have guests, who visit and cook special food for the children (e.g. pilau). This means our storage room is rarely empty, however, we dependent on a continuous flow of visitors who donate food in order to keep the children full.


The children have clothes to wear, however they often wear the same clothes for many days if they can’t swap with the other children. Therefore we are in need of anything from shoes to underwear and shirts as well as school uniforms.


Unfortunately we are unable to buy all the textbooks the children need to follow their classes, so instead they borrow textbooks from other students when possible or write in exercise books. Therefore both are needed very much, along with pens/pencils and schoolbags. The children in nursery only need exercise books, and (coloured) pens/pencils.