Watoto Wetu Tanzania

WWTWe are a non-governmental, non-profit organisation dedicated to helping orphans and vulnerable children in Tanzania. Our organisation was founded in 1998 and now supports over 150 children between 3 and 24 years of any race and religion.

The name Watoto Wetu Tanzania comes from the belief that we should treat all children as our own, especially the ones, who do not have anyone else to care for them.

In addition to meeting their physical needs, such as food and accommodation, our mission is to ensure that they get an education, so they too will have the opportunities to create a prosperous future.

We would like to welcome you to know more about our large family and how you can be a part in helping the orphans and vulnerable children of Tanzania.

New fresh website

With help from Riisolution our site has become responsive. We keept some of the old design and made it responsive. The site is more live and more easy to update.

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New volunteer program

New volounteer program launched Wato Bomba! Check out:

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